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Hubble Takes Picture Of Pyramid On The Moon?

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Why did we never go back to the moon?
Undoubtedly man’s greatest achievement, a feat which has apparently, never been attempted again.
There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the moon missions, some for good reasons and others not so…
A mission to the moon or indeed mars, should be an experience which unites humanity under a common goal, yet alas, this unity rarely occurs.
It is a well-known fact that Knowledge is power, yet unfortunately, this fact can often breed deceit and deception.
For it is believed by some, that knowledge only makes one powerful, when it is concealed from another, regardless of whether this always be accurate within reality…
Because of this system of accumulating and protecting power, space going nations have gone to tremendous efforts to conceal things from the public, and indeed each other.
One must then wonder, if such effort is undertaken in the concealment of information, what specific information could these they be protecting?
The United States government for example, demands astronomers, astronauts, and many other workers at NASA, sign an oath of confidentiality. Upon breaking this oath, you could face a conviction of treason, a crime which carries the death penalty.
However, regardless of this, over the past few years more and more individuals from around the world, have bravely began to blow the whistle on these secrecies…
Dr. Ken Johnston, former director of NASA’s Department of Photographic Evidence, has stated that during his stay at the agency, he was able to see original photographs of countless ruins, pyramids, and intact temples all resting upon the moon.
Not only are there now a number of independent testimonies, made by numerous figures from within these space agencies, and the accompanying programs, confessing to the concealment of ancient ruins on the moons surface, but we also have compelling physical evidence of such structures, including photographs released by NASA themselves.
One was snapped by the Apollo 17 astronauts in 1972. Subsequently uploaded to the official NASA website, it was originally labelled as “over exposed,” however, as technology have evolved, and computer software has become more inept at refining images, it has revealed something amazing…
Along with the apparent pyramidal structure clearly seen within this image, some investigators have also highlighted a possible monolith in the foreground… Was space odyssey trying to tell us something?
Predictably, many people have come forward attempting to discredit this discovery, yet fortunately for us, in the December of 2008, the Hubble space telescope took some extremely intriguing images of its own… Images which seem to corroborate the once over exposed Apollo photo…
Do these images actually show ancient ruins upon the surface of the moon?
If this is the case, how did they get there, or more importantly who could have built them?
Are these relics proof of an ancient space going civilisation?
Or maybe extra-terrestrial activity…




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  1. Title should read More Fake Photos from FAKE Hubble Hoaxed Satellite

  2. I guess the ancient Egyptians got so hyped after completing Giza, they took their primitive tools and build some pyramids on the moon aswell. Because, why the heck not. 😉

  3. "computer software has become more inept"?! D'oh!

  4. The narrator's bad English is bugging me up. It's begun not began and you are using inept as if it means the opposite of its true meaning. I'm not even done watching the video yet sheesh

  5. The pyramid pic about 2:00 the overexposed one was actually part of the lunar rover. If you look at the actual photos in the order they were taken the camera was looking down and took several pics of part of the rover. You can take the pic in question and it lays over the corner of the rover in the pics before and after. The monolith next to the "pyramid" and its the suspension,shocks or tire (it's been awhile and can't remember the exact part name). But the other photos no clue I just knew the one.

  6. the moon moves to fast for hubble to get a good shot of…ummm so no pyramid pic from hubble.

  7. I am not hard-working…..don't call me hard working, or I won't vote for you


  9. 1:35 that spot on the moon is very easy to find with a telescope… 14" SCT telescope should be able to resolve that pyramid easily.

  10. The reason why we never went back to the moon is because of this, are you ready for the mind blowing truth? Here it is, "Because there is nothing there"!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ho made the picture of Hubble

  12. There is not a Hubble telescope in orbit. The moon is not a rocky body. Earth is flat and motionless. Jesuits lied about the globe and backed Kabbala based cosmology.

  13. I say let's put a Holiday Inn Express up there and get this party started!

  14. It is not possible to focus the Hubble telescope onto the moon. More internet BS.

  15. Those photos of the moon are actually from models not the actual moons and those "points of interest" are planted fakes to make people think aliens are real.

  16. @2:10 computer software has become more “inept’ … lol … he means ‘adept’

  17. This is bullshit Hubble can not look at the moon!!

  18. I don't belief hubbel exist.

  19. Why didn't we return to the moon? CUZ THERES NO MONEY IN IT FOR US IF WE DID!

  20. Maybe we are on the moon already, a sort of Moon UN? Or there just pics to get us talking garbage on YouTube?

  21. Have any of you herd of the Van Allen belt?

  22. The Hubble can't get pictures with that kind of resolution on the Moon – the "pyramid" would be a dot, and could not be "zoomed in", because it doesn't work that way – Hubble takes pictures of things that are VERY far away, and VERY large, not small things right next door.

    Google is your friend, people!

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  24. The reason we never went back to the moon was because Socialists took over the government and did not want to spend money advancing the human race but instead on suppressing it. Nixon is responsible for this by the way. He cancelled the outer space program in favor of the Space Shuttle. DOUCHE!!

  25. There's been a whole load of unmanned missions to the Moon since the Apollo era.  The US, Russia, the ESA and the space agencies of Japan and India have all sent rovers or landers.  Considering the vast numbers of people who would have to be on such a conspiracy someone would have talked, and I'm not referring to individuals like Karl Wolfe – read his "testimony", it's frankly unbelievable, or Donna Hare who's claims have changed several times over the years.  I also urge anyone who thinks objectively to read the rationawiki pages on "lunar anomalies" and Ken Johnston.

  26. Could be we have an American secret base dressed as an obscure pyramid for added secrecy.

  27. Hey how come they have never photographed the Lunar Lander or the Lunar Landing site to prove positively that we went to the Moon ????????? Hummmmm.

  28. Why everything has to be a secrecy?

  29. Computer software has grown more ADEPT, you're the one who has apparently grown more inept. 😂

  30. another useless unfounded conspiracy

  31. There is a pyramid on the moon

  32. Knowledge is only power when its used. To have it stored ready to use only gives a feeling of power…

  33. That is a big lie!!! Hubble is not capable to do such a thing!!! Too many liers on the internet, just for a clik…

  34. If Hubble can take shots on mars why can't it take shots of the surface we live on?

  35. Can't point Hubble at the moon, the moon is to bright to get any images from such a sensitive camera….. Would just get a white screen