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Saturn with the Hubble telescope 2

A movie from the Hubble telescope




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  1. when nasa release a hd photos,people going to say it is cgi
    when nasa release low definition photo people will say it is cartoon

  2. I know graphic designers that would make a better job than this. Nasa should hire them.

  3. shit fake as fuck video

  4. that looks so animated but i know it real

  5. Looks like a crappy 3D render. Reported for misleading text.

  6. ha! ha! ha! if we were alive bak in columbus time we they u all of us would be killed! u got to have a PHd ha!

  7. Did you rename your Photoshop program "Hubble Telescope?"

  8. You have got to be kidding me. Even a little old lady with zero experience with modern technology should be able to tell that is as fake as hell. NASA is such a scam. A 19 billion dollar scam.

  9. Definitely CGI. It looks nothing like that through a,real telescope. There's tons of real amateur telescope footage on YouTube to see instead of fake NASA CGI.

  10. Where's the footage of planets from the so called real satellites?

  11. Looks like a jaw breaker.

  12. It's not fake it's sped up

  13. You could believe it if you had never seen a computer or game console before, or anything that generates graphical images!

  14. По моему это просто замечательно, вот побыть бы ещё рядом и посмотреть бы на него своими глазами ммммммммм

  15. this shit got to be fake! it's a fucking video never heard that hubble takes videos ! plus why the plant looks up and telescope down although the hubble telescope is way  higher

  16. I love space, planets and everything relating but this looks really boring! I didnt even finish this 24sec clip!!!

  17. Shouldn't the shadow on the rings move as well?

  18. Really frustrating place to activate the pop up banner!! 

  19. ya well you believe the brain wash stuff all you like then ok , have a nice day,

  20. Apparently you don't & you have no sense.

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  22. its a joke the hubble is the most powerful telescope we have so we are told and planets dont look like a Saturday morning cartoon iam sorry but its not acceptable to say that this image is real or is of a real planet either,

  23. ok so your on cartoon acid then i get it, look i have seen planets threw my own telescope and non of them ever looked like a Saturday morning cartoon.but you can believe what ever you like. the real thing looks much better and oh ya real. not a cartoon

  24. i know a fake when i see one

  25. @Trotskydolan nall we all laughin at u

  26. Cant wait for the James Webb telescope! It is HUGE! and even better then Hubble :"D

  27. Say the guy subcribed to Coll of Duty,Minecraft and hip hop. No comment.

  28. Guys that is the rendered video of it. Saturn doesn't physically look like that ahha.

  29. Why fake. Weird people. Don't believe in shit

  30. FAKE!!!!! AND GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!