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The Hubble Telescope is a Fraud

Combine the evidence presented on a recent video by Crow777 channel and a worker who has access to the control room of the Hubble telescope and the result is more convincing – Hubble is a complete FRAUD!

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  1. Aha, I know the answer to your riddle. Bob is the cleaner.

  2. Gotta LOVE the internet, a veritable breeding ground for so many crackpots and nutty conspiracy theorists with no self-awareness, who will happily challenge, contradict and doubt the achievements of the greatest, most amazing people on our planet. **Sigh**

  3. Failure to grasp or understand something does not make an argument against it.. It's simply shows your ignorance..

  4. +MrThriveAndSurvive so the whole argument is that the Hubble is a fraud because you need to fill some paperwork to use it and there's a long wait? what makes you think that any astronomer could just walk by casually and use the worlds most powerful telescope immediately?

    Also, besides your amateur conspiracy opinion, have you heard of any real astronomer challenging the images of Hubble? That would be some news, not this video.

  5. You go on and on like a jabbering psychotic off your meds. Ultimately saying nothing. You are paranoid and delusional, like all fundamentalists..

  6. In an Empire of lies you would first suspect fraud.

  7. here are three types of flat earthers.  Which one are you?

    Type 1 are the “fundamentalists” who are looking for a
    belief to seek hope and find a purpose to their lackluster life.  This belief is their hope to achieve
    greatness they desire.   This is their
    one chance they must show great intelligence and to feel special among their
    peer anticipating gaining respect and importance to their existence.  Their attempt is to feel superior to those
    they have envied in their life.  They
    feel a great adrenaline when surrounded by their peer speaking of an allege
    secrecy of the earth’s shape.  To feel “woke”
    is their top priority in their life.  They
    want to feel special and important as they lack this in their daily life. They
    are likely are or were in a situation that had a negative effect on their ego
    and life’s outcome such as an occupation demotion, underachieving their
    educational goals, poor relationships with their intermediate family, spouse or
    kids, financial hardship, rejection, poor social fallout, disliking their employer,
    etc.  They passionately guard their
    belief even if it is wrong.  They will
    insult those who challenge or prove them wrong. 

    Type 2 are the “carpet baggers/dictator” who are the
    predator of the community. They are the ones who all the flat earthers fundamentalist
    admire and support.  This is the type that
    are very ambitious, goal oriented, financially stable, enjoy their occupation,
    successful, family life, great social surrounding, and full of success.  However, there is one little thing they lack
    which is ultimate power.  They view the
    flat earth as their opportunity to be the next Stalin or Hitler.   They
    come into the flat earth community as the pied piper to control the broken
    spirited fundamentalist of the flat earth community. These are the type of flat
    earthers who want to generate a great following where they achieve this by
    making videos, write books, arrange meet ups or hang outs, and attend any flat
    earth events as a vendor or speaker. They are the networkers with a goal to
    establish a community they can have control over a population of people who buy
    into the flat earth theory.  They are
    seeking authority and control over the lives of the fundamentalist flat
    earthers.  They too will protect the flat
    earth theory even if they have to insult you to keep them in the throne.

    Type 3 are the “truth seekers” who want the truth and will
    research without being bias. They are willing to correct their errors because
    they want the TRUTH. However, if they discover holes in this theory, which does
    exist, they will most likely leave the community. However, this does not make
    them a globe believer but a skeptic who questions everything as they know
    people always create an agenda for their personal gains; something that is
    common in any community surrounded by a theory. 
    However, if this truth seeker feels a passion that attracts them to the
    movement to gain an importance for themselves no matter what truth or lies the
    flat earth theory present, the person is now committed to where they become the
    fundamentalist, Type 1.  However, if this
    truth seeker sees a financial opportunity or to lead a community of people with
    the anticipation of becoming the next Stalin, that person becomes the “carpet
    bagger/dictator”, Type 2.

  8. Your intelligence is a fraud…

  9. Most insane asylums are divided into small "nuthouse units", and there is usually one for the deniers of moon landings, climate change, evolution and dinosaurs. This, the ultimate nuthouse unit, also welcomes those who have noticed Elvis on their grilled cheese sandwich, who believe the sun is moving around a flat earth and that stars are just lights attached to a canopy right over our heads, whose address on the passport says "the firmament", the nut-jobs who deny solar eclipses, and the ultimate bottom-of-the-barrel morons who think the NASA film clips from the ISS are fake, and that Hubble images of galaxies are created by artists in Hollywood swimming pools.

  10. Oh god it must be Christmas, another idiot!

  11. As far as performing secret experiments with people you don’t know…please stop chocking hookers

  12. Wow, what an argument sir!!! After listening to your hypothesis and brilliant explanation I have one question have you taken your anti-psychotics today?? If not, Bob will definitely be back from his deep insider NASA job

  13. 4:30 I'm gonna get to the point.
    9:25 gets to point
    9:30 I leave as I realise point is meaningless gossip.

  14. As an astrophotographer myself I have imaged many of the object Hubble has..not as detailed but they are pretty damned good..also large ground based observatories have images these same Hubble objects…getting detailed views…why would NASA fake Hubble…seems like a waste of time to fake Hubble images for what reason..your video shows you lack the very basics of how science works when astronomers write grants to use any professional telescope no matter on the ground or in space. Hubble is real and the images are real not fake. I suggest you get involved with a local astronomy club…learn how to use a telescope and do astrophotography and become familiar with how astronomers do their work.

  15. Wrong. MrThriveAndSurvive is a proven liar.
    +MrThriveAndSurvive  Well, what were they?
    What were the results of The Great Balloon Project?
    Why do you lie and never give real proof?

  16. Lets keep our mole secret and not compromised.

  17. Bob has access… He doesn't have deep access, in other words Bob is a janitor!

  18. Where did all of these internet retards come from?

  19. Thank God only 39k subscribers!

  20. Any extra Tin Foil Hats anyone?????

  21. Deep access = janitor

  22. Any fool can make up any story with the caveat " its a secret so I cant say". If you cant back up a claim with facts and evidence then its just a story  and meaningless. " someone told me but I cant say who " about as useful as bacon at a synagogue.

  23. I'm an independently contracted janitor at a masonic temple and I'm willing to sell you information.

  24. Some, i should say many people are easily convinced with fallacies and conspiracies

  25. The truth shall set you and me free! Please tell your friend of the possible consequences and perils of disclosing sensitive information and the public need for the truth. This is the last piece of the puzzle of the debate over the existence of the firmament, flat earth, and NASAs true purpose! In this kabalahistic depraved world we live in the only way to save ourselves from the depopulation plans of the NWO is to expose them for their many misdeeds!

  26. Really, Hubble was built to take deep space images, it's design probably doesn't allow it to be used on something close and moving. Considering there is already a lot of cameras orbiting the Earth why would they need Hubble to do the same thing?